World Fintech Association

World Fintech Association was formed to bring together all the Fintech Associations through out the Globe that has networks of its Fintech companies respectively. Understanding and sharing accurate in-depth knowledge is important for Governments, Innovators, Businesses and Investors. Considering the fact that knowledge sharing is important, WWA aims to pursue a new leap towards the future that shares financial technological advancement to all the countries overall contributing to the Macro Economy Globally.

Background :

The Fintech Industry is new to all of us as it shapes and creates Innovation into the financial services combining the Technological advancement. It also gets so diverse, as the entire Fintech Industry is categorized into a wide array of business sectors. Understanding and sharing an accurate and in-depth knowledge is important for all the stakeholders of this ecology

The way we conduct financial transitions, both individually and at a corporate level will go through a dramatic face-lift because of the Fintech. Countless hot start-ups will be created in the Fintech arena and will become a new financial major player in no time. A fierce war is expected among the existing financial giants to stay alive and to pursue a new leap toward the future. Governments are compelled to support its Fintech Industry with the demand of time and Business nature. Regulators are presenting various new policies to support the growth of the Fintech Industry which will evidently change and expand the size the macro economy to an unimaginable domain.

Keeping eye on the unprecedented growth and effect of this Industry, it was reasonable us to bring about Fintech Associations into common ground where we could share the ideas, issues and work toward the common goal.