Overview of the Event

"World Fintech Association organized the 1st "World FinTech Forum" on June 2nd to 3rd, 2016 at Korea Exchange (KRX) in Seoul. The agenda of the Forum was "The Future of Money," and the Title of the Forum was "From Analog Money to the digital Money ". FinTech Experts from Korea and twenty other countries joined the forum to discuss on eight different sessions under the subtitle “Innovations on the shapes and the flows of Money”.

2016 Forum remained a unique Forum gathering Thirty three Global Experts as Speakers from around the world. The two days Forum provided a platform to explore knowledge in different sectors of Global Fintech zone that included FinTech Regulatory Improvements, International Transfer, Payment, P2P Lending and Crowdfunding, Security, Internet banking, Robo Adviser, Blockchain and Bitcoin. The best practices and Trends, Innovative models and Promising Enterprises, Alliance and partnership, Infrastructure and technology, research and Data sharing, Government policies etc. that impacts the development of FinTech ecosystem were presented and discussed in panel discussions.

The "World FinTech Association" followed by "the 1st World FinTech Forum" is going to host “the 2nd World FinTech Forum" to analyze and research in FinTech market, especially in BlockChain Technology and its distributive scale in Technology and overall Economy. We believe our effort and pull of knowledge will promote the development and promotion of Fintech Fusion Industries and provide a valuable service by contributing to the Fintech development in different parts of the world.

The 2nd World FinTech Forum is going to be held on July 20th and July 21st in Seoul, South Korea. We like to bring your attention and encourage you to promote the Forum in the Global International Community.

Forum Date and Venue

Title World Fintech Forum 2017 Korea
Main Theme BlockChain on Business and Entrepreneurship
Date 2017.07.20 ~ 07.21
Venue CHA University, CHA Bio Complex, Auditorium
Hosts Finance ICT Convergence Association, Korean Association of Data Science, Korea BlockChain Standard Forum, WATEF, CHA University Graduate School of Business
Organization World Fintech Association
Sponsors Ministry of ICT and Future Planning, PayGate, Hong Kong Govt/Financial Service, Luxembourg for Finance, Czech Invest, Israel Economic Trade, Hong Kong FinTech, Singapore FinTech Consortium, Swiss Finance Technology Association, Paris FinTech Forum, FinTech Espana, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Korea FinTech Forum, Korea FinTech Association, Korea Mobile Financial Service Forum, Hankuk CFO School, Open Development Association, K-OTC Association, Korea BlockChain OS, World BlockChain Community Group, Samil, Jipyong, IEGOT Group

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