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Description Speakers Countries
Session 1. Applications of the blockchain to data authentication as applied in finance, IOT, and enterprise.
Jonathan Hope USA
Session 2. Misinformation around blockchain that proliferates through financial media or how smart contracts will change the way we transact and trust.
Mike De Shazer USA
Session 3. Understanding smart contracts : what are they, are they legally enforceable, how can they be used, etc.
  Joel S. Telpner USA
Session 4. Video Technology Paradigm change in Data-centric Technology Age
  Alexander Park Korea
Session 5. Use of Blockchain in Reducing Global Poverty: Managing Cybersecurity Risks
Zhijun William Zhang China
Session 6. Blockchain Technology as a Security Enabler for Low Power IoT Devices
Volker Skwarek German
Session 7. Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Reality or hoax?
Haseeb Awan Canada
Session 8. Using the Blockchain to make other Blockchains Compliant-Regulatory Compliance & Company Validation
Patrick Curry UK